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My Services and what a Personal Chef can do for You :

Services, what Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals can do for you. Today, I am on the road preparing meals from the heart in homes throughout Hunterdon County,  and surrounding areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. My services provide food which is a throwback to a time when homemade meals were a staple of every family’s day.

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients

Everything I do is aimed at helping busy people relax and sit down to a delicious home cooked meal.

With Debbie’s Home Cooking, you have a choice of what you would like for dinner.

During our interview we discuss your personal preferences and a meal plan.

Once the menu is approved, we schedule a day to cook.

Grocery shopping services are available if needed.

The entrees are then prepared in your home and stored in the refrigerator. The kitchen is left clean.

All that remains is the aroma of wonderful home cooked meals. It is like comfort food that mom use to make.

Simply heat and serve.

♥ With My Services, You Get Back Your Time— never have to worry about planning and cooking meals

♥ Save You Money—you don’t have to eat out when you’re too tired or busy to cook

♥ Less Anxiety—you can relax, knowing that your family is eating restaurant quality meals with a home-cooked touch.

My private chef services include:

Menu planning and selection.

♥ The menu offers, American, Italian, some Mexican and some Chinese

Grocery shopping available for the meals I cook.

♥ All food preparation is in your home.

♥ Each entrée has 4 individual servings with price options to include sides

Kitchen clean up

♥ There is a charge for mileage if outside of my 25 mile radius

Are you a busy mom or busy professional who just doesn’t have the time to cook for you and your loved ones?  Debbie of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals, a home cooking service can be of help. You can sit down and enjoy dinner and have nourishing home cooked meals fully prepared in your home. Every meal is stored in the fridge and awaits you. No more worries, no more stress on what am I going to cook for dinner?  I am a personal cooking service in Flemington, New Jersey. I serve Hunterdon Co, parts of Somerset Co, parts of Mercer Co and parts of Bucks Co, Pa. Visit me @ or give me a call to see if I can be of service to you.

Call me @ 908-788-6873

Testimonial - A.U.

What an incredible treat!  Imagine coming home after a long day at work to a wonderful home cooked meal that you didn’t have to prepare.  That is exactly what you can experience using the services of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals.  You will have great tasting, nutritious, home cooked meals without the hassle of cooking yourself and the kitchen is all cleaned up to boot.  We can’t begin to recommend Debbie’s wonderful meals enough!

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