Healthy oils, why not try them when you are preparing foods

Healthy oils are available in all types and are usually located in the condiment aisle in your local supermarket. Seems like many of us are using canola, vegetable and olive oil when preparing our food but here are some other choices to contemplate.

Using healthy oils to prepare food:

Avocado Oil:

 Avocados are greatly used in Tex mex and Mexican dishes and is now becoming quite popular in oil form. The oil is classified as buttery and delicious oil and has many health benefits. Loaded with monounsaturated fats that are heart-healthy. Use it to help improve cholesterol numbers. It also supplies lutein, an antioxidant that helps with eye health. Studies have found that avocado oil can boost salad potency by improving the absorption of fat-soluble antioxidants such as beta-carotene present in vegetables. Many oils cannot withstand high heat when frying foods but Avocado oil can. This oil be used for high-heat cooking because it is considered to have the highest smoke point of any other plant oil.

Try adding avocado oil when making your own hummus.

Healthy oils, why not try them when you are preparing foods

Avocado hummus







Hemp Oil:

Hemp oil is a healthy oil and it contains many essential fatty acids. One is omega-3 which can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The other is gamma linolenic acid, which is omega 6. This essential fatty acid helps improve skin conditions like roughness and dryness. Why not try it when making dips for appetizers, a classic pesto and salad dressings, smoothies, hummus, protein shakes, sauces and soups. Here are some great hemp oil recipes for you to try.

Hazelnut Oil:

Hazelnut oil is also considered a healthy oil and is a very rich and flavorful oil. It provides vitamin B and E. This oil goes great in salads since it combines very well with vinegar to produce light but flavorful vinaigrette. Some say it goes even better with lemon juice. Try this oil with pasta, potatoes and beans. Hazelnut oil serves as a great substitute for butter. Finally, hazelnut oil works great with fish too. This oil should be stored in the refrigerator once opened.

Here is a pesto recipe using hazelnut oil:

Hazelnut pesto

Healthy oils, why not try them when you are preparing foods

Hazelnut pesto









Tea Seed Oil:

Healthy oils, why not try them when you are preparing foods

Tea seed oil

The process to make this oil is done by pressing the seeds of the Camellia sinensis plant. When using this oil, it is very good for your heart, has cholesterol-reducing sterols and unsaturated fatty acids.

Consuming this healthy oil is beneficial for:

Skin and hair issues.

Can be consumed by pregnant women since it helps in brain development in babies.

Helps in mineral absorption of the body.

This oil is known to resolve constipation problems.

Can be used when cooking at high temperatures and is great with stir-fry dishes.

Here is a recipe using this healthy oil. Clam & Shrimp with Whole Wheat Linguine

Ingesting this healthy oil:

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a powerhouse for nutrition. It can improve blood cholesterol levels. Lowers the risk of heart disease. This healthy oil is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The healthy oils in coconuts are made up of these 3 healthy fatty acids and is a healthy saturated fat.

Health benefits are:

Easy to digest.

It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Easily processed by the liver, so it converts to energy.

Add to your diet to help with Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure.

Helps with UTI and kidney infections.

Use Coconut oil to help with arthritis and cancer issues.


Healthy oils, why not try them when you are preparing foods

Loaded sweet potatoes








The list just goes on and on. Try adding coconut oil to your sweet potatoes next time. One way to get many vitamins, nutrients and health benefits while eating some tasty fries.